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A collection of blurbs from the perspective of an XY dude


male journey

The unrighteous man comes first. Aimless, hungry and full of vitality, he seeks to impose his will on the world. He, the unrighteous, moves through an unforgiving loop of fear, pain and darkness. Satiating only his first-order needs. His morality is ever shifting. Malleable even. He lives in the now.The righteous man comes second. After years of struggle, he finds his way. He is much more polished, refined and easy-to-be-around. He maintains a black and white lens to the world. Naturally, he adopts the fixed moral compass of his God and Shepard. He adopts a linear constitution. He lives in the duality of today and tomorrow.


pursuit of power

There are two kinds of men: the meek and the powerful. The former sits by on the edges of life and watches as the latter actively engages with the rich, messy middle.History is brimming with never-ending sagas of utter brutality, misery and death. As a result, man has had to aggressively assert his will onto other men, women, children and nature. As recompense, life awards him with status and power.Some men's journeys are so exceptional they reach the heights of art. Storytelling does more than immortalize a man’s achievements; they inspire the next generation of men to be men of importance.Strive to be a man of book pages. That small and sacred ilk. Embrace manhood fully.



How can the sharp echoes of the past reverberate today? Only through the loud, carrying actions of enduring men; full of will and a clear conscience.The heavy wheel of history can only be moved through the collective and aggregating effort of willful men. For good reason, these brave men leave their imprint on the world. Cultivate that essence and leave your mark.


life juice

In the wild, where the amenities of modern civilization are absent, caloric allocation is of the upmost importance. Nature quickly reminds you of the limitations of your body's energy supply. Your "life juice."To that end, preserve your “life juice.” In all contexts, in modernity and its opposite. Practice radical restraint. The energy you have per day is finite.Do not let energy-sucks siphon away your "life juice." That juice when applied correctly is a force for good. A force for knowledge-discovery. A force for power.



I remember having my first heart-to-heart with you, and it was under very chaotic circumstances. My mind was thrusted into a living hell.I remember everything got quiet.

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